Are you a patient and looking for a therapist near you who applies this treatment?

This is no problem, because we have registered names and addresses of therapist in Germany, France and across Europe in our database whom you can contact. For this purpose please go to Contact on our web site. All further information is available for you there.

Furthermore, we assist therapists and patients in getting health insurance companies to reimburse the costs of such treatment. The readiness of the statutory health insurance companies to pay for this treatment depends on the indications and how well the therapist establishes the need for such treatment with thymus and cell factors. The chances of reimbursement are higher with private health insurance companies, at present ca. 50-60%. It is important that an application for reimbursement is made before the treatment is started. We will, of course, supply appropriate application forms and expert opinions to therapists.

Any therapist can become a member of the GFSTT. Should you be interested in becoming a member, please contact us directly. Our address and telephone number are shown under Imprint, or you go to Contact and send us an e-mail.

Should you have suggestions or proposals for improving our web page or be unsatisfied with our service, please write to us. On the other hand, if our work regarding your treatment or that of a member of your family or of a friend has helped, we should like to hear about your case.

We rely on donations to offer you the best possible information and service, and to make thymus and cell factors known to a wider public. If you wish to support our work, we shall be grateful for any donation you would care to make.

We thank you for your interest. All good wishes and good luck.

The Council of the Society